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Join a network that moves and gets kids moving!

Discover a turnkey program of motor skill and awakening activities for kids

The Karibou program has been designed to meet the needs of children, but also those of schools, daycares, daycare, sports clubs, amusement centers, community centers and municipalities wishing to get children of preschool age moving. Discover its many advantages.

Turn-key program

Receive your period guide, including over 100 ready to use periods, available in French and English.

Management and communication tools

A large variety of recruitment tools, the evaluation and supervision of your instructors. Attractive and ready to use communication tools to promote your activities.

Training for your instructors and supervisors

Created specifically for the Karibou program, including notions in child development, motor skills and specific approaches for your clientele.

Mascot and promotional objects for your special events

Create an event by inviting Karibou to your community activities. Underline the end of the session with balloons, puppets, magnets and removable tattoos of the characters.

Customer service and support at all times!

The Karibou team will be available for you at all time; to support you with your recruitment, customer service or communication campaigns.

Network that gets people moving

Count on the experience of other organizations that offer Karibou since 2007. Take advantage of the continuing education at our official providers conference.

Find the Official Provider closest to you.

Karibou has 7 age levels and is offered by over 60 activity sites across Canada.

Get everything you need to offer Karibou's program

A complete program

Period guide to the motor skill abilities: 100 ready to use periods, spread over 7 levels | Complementary educational material (guide sheet, advice, etc) | List of equipment needed including discounts with our program partners.

Tools to promote your activities

Logo, character pictures, presentation texts, posters, pamphlets, etc |Tips for effective communication | Visibility of your activities via our website and Facebook page | Annual publicity campaigns (magazines, conferences, Facebook publicity, Google and much more)

Quality Assurance

Specific training for the program in person or online for your instructors and supervisors | Management tools to establish a more efficient programming (scheduling, human resources) | Quality assurance appointments (visits to your organization and advice for the supervisors and instructors) | Customer service and support year round (Karibou supervisors and instructor support) | Continuing education (Official Providers conference)

Tools to retain customers loyalty

Child Kits (required for each child registered in the group) Includes : Participants notebook, rewards and souvenirs : temporary tattoos, sticker and collectable magnets | Documentation for parents explaining the advantages of participating in all the levels. | A universe with fun characters that makes the children want to return for each session!

Who are the Karibou Official Providers?


Official Providers




Average years of experience


Average participants per provider

Official Providers Testimonials

City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

Offical Provider since 2009, City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville appreciates that Karibou has enabled them to reach a clientele not previously served by their recreational activities programming, ''… as a result of their initial positive experience with Karibou, many parents were inclined to register their children to other activities offered by the City, such as our summer day camps. The presence of the Karibou mascot has proven to be a big hit the children who never fail to recognize him and are happy to meet him. The City is very happy with the success of the program which continues to expand every year! ''

Gymini Gymnastic Club

‘’Children aged from 12 months to 4 years old now account for 37% of our total clientele. Among preschool children enrolled in the competitive segment, 80% of them have participated partly or fully in the Karibou’s program. Thanks to Karibou, we now have a very large pool of 12-to-24 months-old recruits, a clientele that we did not reach before! Since using the program, our recreational courses targeted at the 12 to 24 months to 4 years old group are more effective and better structured. As a result, our organization’s reputation has grown and we received expressions of gratitude from members of our community, ‘’

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